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About Davraz

About Davraz Ski Resort

Davraz Mountain, with its 2635 m summit height, is one of the mountain masses that rises between Eğirdir and Kovada Lakes in the Lakes Region of the Mediterranean Region and surrounds the Isparta Plain.

Davraz Ski Resort is located 26 km southeast of Isparta city center. It was declared as a Tourism Center on 17.02.1995. It is 8 km away from Çobanisa Village, the nearest settlement. The Ski Center is located on the northern slope of Davraz Mountain in Kulovası Plateau. The dominant vegetation consists of pine, juniper, cedar and herbaceous plants.

Davraz Ski Resort has a distinct advantage due to its proximity to Antalya and its location suitable for development. The geographical features of Davraz allow other nature sports besides skiing.

In order to diversify tourism in Davraz Ski Resort, to spread tourism to 12 months for a sustainable tourism, and to make this center a sports tourism center where camping and sports competitions for other sports branches can be held in addition to skiing, approximately 257 ha. After the approval of the 1/5000 scale master development plan, 1/1000 scale revision-additional implementation development plan and sub-scale plans for the area called Kulovası, studies are carried out by our Governorship to prepare the 1/25.000 scale environmental plan revision for the whole tourism center.

Ski Season

Snowfall begins in December. The ski season starts in December and continues until May. Snow thickness varies between 50 and 250 cm on average. Davraz Ski Resort is most popular in January-February. In summer, it is preferred as the camp center of football teams in June-July-August.

Altitude of Ski Piste:

  • 1650 – 1982 m
  • 1982 – 2086 m
  • 1950 – 2024 m
  • 1950 – 2086 m
  • 1950 – 2150 m
  • 2086 – 2344 m

Features of the Ski Resort

Season Length: December – May
Snow Depth: 0,50 m – 2,50 m
Ski Area: 440 hectare
Ski Area Altitude: avg. 2000 m
Peak: 2635 m (Ulparçukuru Hill)
Ski Piste Length: avg 8 ~ 10 km
Skiing Types: Nordic Skiing, Alpine Skiing, Tour Skiing, Snowboard