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News from Davraz

It is expected that the ski season will be extended in Davraz, where the snow thickness reaches 2 meters.

It is expected that the ski season will be extended for another month, with the snow thickness reaching 2 meters due to the heavy rain in the last week in Davraz Ski Center, which is located at the summit of the Taurus Mountains, at an altitude of 2,635.

Davraz Ski Center hosted 350 thousand people this season

Davraz Ski Center, which is among the leading ski centers in Turkey, has hosted 350 thousand domestic and foreign tourists since the beginning of the season.

Davraz Motosnow Races Breathtaking

The 4th Turkey Motosnow Races, hosted by the Governorship of Isparta under the supervision of the Turkish Motorcycle Federation and with the contributions of the Municipality of Isparta, held in Davraz Ski Center, the pearl of the Mediterranean, were breathtaking. The motosnow races, which were held in Davraz for the first time in Turkey in 2014, still continue to be the only motosnow races in Turkey.
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